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Infiniti gearing up for new infotainment to compete Land Rover and Jaguar

Are you a gear head? You love to know about new gadgets or tech cars? So here is a news splash from Infinity. As the car industry is continuously improving day by day. New technologies are being incorporated by different companies to be on the top. To meet upcoming challenges Infiniti is gearing up to replace some of the antique and old models. But these changes are still around three years away approximately. As company introduces major changes to its cars, it will also modernize its infotainment system.

Infiniti stated it will add up major changes to its divisive dual-screen infotainment display when it’s more of to Go Auto. Some automakers have chosen to implement dual-screen layouts for their in-car infotainment setups. Infiniti is one of them, and is facing criticism, the automaker company will fix to its update especially when its next-generation infotainment system up gradation.

Though the system is of massive improvement over the old unit, still it’s not the most advanced structure in the market. And that will take time to float in the market. The dual-screen design was structured its debut when the company replaced the G37 with the Q50 models. The new system will retain the dual-screen design, which has received positive feedback from customers. “It’s intuitive and it works well.

Not only the dual screen but the graphics still need to be worked on. But infinity is on its way to deliver high-resolution graphics along with updates system. This update will include long-awaited connectivity features which include, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and internet connectivity. Apple CarPlay will be rolled out next year,” in 2019 to get more tech specs in comparison to jaguar.

Unluckily, as with the changes to Infiniti’s model lineup, the infotainment improvements may not come right away. Infiniti product strategy vice president, Francois Bancon, confirmed an initial upgrade was slated for models built in 2019, but a fully overhauled system will be available on next-generation models starting in 2021.

As other automakers are also striving to improve their systems, but Infiniti will be stuck waiting until 2021 for major improvements. Bancon offered some relief by stating, “Next year is going to be the first step of improvement and as we move forward with a bigger display, 12.0-inch, 15.0-inch or any other, but of course we are going to improve the accuracy. That will ultimately retain the customer’s focus as well.

Infiniti needs to refresh its technology quickly to compete other companies as well. Because its infotainment is getting an old feel by its customers. The top screen deals primarily with a map and audio displays, while the lower touch screen is where the actual controls lie, whether for navigation, connected apps or anything in between. However, the quality of graphics between the two differ a fair amount, as the navigation map looks like it was structured and designed in 1998, while the rest of the graphics look far more up to date and sharper .And is continually striving to introduce more enhanced versions.

Different infotainment solutions are given by different brands. Infiniti is distant from the only automaker to expand a two-screen infotainment solution. JLR’s system doesn’t really change anything; it is changing to touch screen instead of electing to turn a lower panel of physical buttons for the climate control and vehicle settings into a fully fledged touch screen.

Acura had one for a while, but it’s slowly moving away from its two-tier system in support of a single screen. Meanwhile, Land Rover and Jaguar are moving to a dual-screen setup for new products, including the revised 2018 Range Rover. There are still some up gradations which are on its way to the coming years.

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