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High heels are killer to your happiness, leads to infertility

Wearing heels attracts every girl. It is not specified to young girls only but women of every age want to have stylish heels under her feet. It is an accessory which is common in the wardrobe of every girl. Heels also come in different sizes but wearing high heels is something more attractive to young girls.

However, there are many health risks associated with these killer heels as well. According to several studies, if the heel size is over 5 inches, it affects body to adopt perverted posture that stops the system from conceiving. Deformation in the posture affects each and every system in the body, including the uterus and the reproductive system.

Elaborating more about the body posture and shape Dr. Sagarika Aggarwal, IVF expert said that the posture has a deep impact on the internal system of body. The twisted posture or the misbalance displaces the uterus from its physiological anteverted or retroverted position and therefore causes pain during menstruation, intercourse, and results in fertility-related issues.

As high heels are more fascinating to young girls so they have more chances to get any problem. Because growing age have developmental stages both internally and externally. So these young girls when enters in puberty, start developing physiological as well as psychological maturity. And need special attention to such things.

As there comes a bit change in the posture as the body leans forward on wearing high heels, there is an increased pressure applied to the pelvis, the organs in the pelvic cavity are forced inside to contract. This surely leads to suppression of the pelvis creek. And pelvis contraction could cause harm to specific organs and veins. Thus resulting in mal functioning.

The improper posture and poor alignment of spine can lead to mal functioning of the reproductive organs. A Gynecologist, Dr. Archana S.Ayyanathan, said, “Girls who regularly wear high heels, may be subjected to difficulties in giving birth along with elevated pain and other maternal problems.

Another common cause of pain during menstruation or intercourse is due to Uterus displacement which is caused by high heels. And can cause some major issues in fertility and incontinence. The ligament supporting the uterus gets weakened, and hence the chances of uterovaginal prolapse increases. Therefore there are fewer chances to have fertility.

Top tips for healthy feet in pregnancy, including:

  • Wear comfortable, supportive footwear, ideally with a strap, laces, or Velcro
  • Supportive footwear with extra shock absorption, a supportive arch and firm heel is essential
  • Choose a heel height of 1.2in (3cm) as this shifts weight a little further forward on to the feet, which can help alleviate discomfort.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as this can place unnecessary pressure on joints at a time when they are already under strain
  • Avoid crossing legs or ankles when sitting
  • Keep active by keeping the lower limbs moving even when resting.
  • Lying on the back and simulating riding a bike will help muscles in the leg and can reduce swelling. Rotating the ankles can also prevent cramps
  • Make sure there is 0.4in (1cm) between the longest toe and the end of the shoe

So, just don’t follow the trend of high heel. But go with the best suitable for you!

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