Womencoin cryptocurrency is in the market

A currency of value is something which signifies a women’s voice, empowers through education and fosters a virtual cycle of investment and reinvestment in the things we hold. Such as our family, our lives, our health, wellbeing, community, country, and our planet, which we all share. So there is something to give it an official acceptance. And that is in the form of crypto currency naming WomenCoin.
Women coin will become the eventual business coin for women. It is also know that this altcoin market is mainly operated by men, just like the entire world. Now there is a huge demand to change this. From this moment and ahead it’s important to know that men and women are equal and just to change the thinking of society, something different has been initiated.
Women’s Coin creates a virtuous market place for women to meet, share ideas, support and product offering. The Women’s Coin Foundation (WCF) supports UN empowerment principles, delivering access to education for women and girls worldwide through blockchain technology. The Women’s Coin Foundation (WCF) will also provide invaluable access to finance and business support for women’s small and medium enterprises. Virtually unhackable the currency offers the highest level of security and is a UK founded crypto currency.
WomenCoin (WOMEN) traded up 6.66 percent on USD since this time yesterday interval closing 11:15 on May 7th EST. WomenCoin presently has a total cap of $16,217 and its 24hr trading volume is about $2,020. Within the seven day interval, WomenCoin is 23.10 percent against the USD with a movement of 21.43 percent in the last 60 minutes.
Here is the performance of WomenCoin in last days:
” Scorecoin (SCORE) is currently at $0.01 against the dollar, a -2.70% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin cost for SCORE currently sits at 0.00000114 BTC
” Selfkey (KEY) is currently at $0.01 against the dollar, a -7.83% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin cost for KEY currently sits at 0.00000116 BTC
” Motocoin (MOTO) is currently at $0.02 against the dollar, a -3.94% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin cost for MOTO currently sits at 0.00000171 BTC

This is why the Women coin project has been formed. WomenCoin Foundation wants to bring the female standard at high importance under the attention with every WOMEN coin trade. WomenCoin Foundation also told that they wanted to get web services on-board to accept WOMEN COIN as one of their official payment methods. So the wait is over and be in the list of women coin trader.

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