Moh. Salah, The Egyptian King stirred the Football world with pride

Moh. salah 25 is the only second african footballer to win the award of professional footballers
association player of the year after leicester citys algerian midfielder riyad mahrez in 2016.
social media users in Egypt have reacted to this with a pride. He has scored 31 premier league
goals this season. With three league games still remaining in his 31 premier league goals this
season equaling the 38-game- season record held by Luis Suarez Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan
Shearer with three league games still is remaining.
Moh. salah is a national icon in Egypt. Last year the footballers 95th-minute penalty against
congo secured a 2-1 victory which saw the Egyptian national team qualify for the world cup for
the first time since 1990. He is now the pride not only in Egypt but worldwide.
In Egypt his victory was front page news and the hashtag #the legend Mohamed Salah has been
shared more than 25,000 times since the announcement as compatriots paid tribute to the
player Liverpool fans christened the Egyptian king. Streets have been named in his honour as
well as a school in the city of basyoun while in January the footballer was received by Egypt’s
president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. President al-Sisi was first elected president in May 2014 close to a
year after he removed his elected predecessor the Muslim brotherhoods Mohammed Morsi in a
The Muslim brotherhood is now banned in Egypt. But political groups on both sides were among
those to offer their congratulations. Pro-state figures and Muslim brotherhood supporters alike
were quick to signal their support. Haytham abokhalil a pro-Muslim brotherhood human rights
activist said Moh. Salahs award gives confidence to our youth that it can be the best if it has the
appropriate possibilities and opportunities.

To those sharing images of Salah’s meeting with the Egyptian president he said: whoever
publishes photos of Sisi with captain Salah are a minority who wish to remain in the sick ward.
Paying tribute to Salah as the source of happiness for millions of Egyptians the chairman of
Egyptian Premier League side Zamalek Mortada Mansour noted that one of his predecessors had
rejected the chance to sign the player in 2011.
Political activist Mahmoud Mohamed said the struggles Salah faced early in his career confirmed
his resolution. Mohamed Salah resisted and struggled he tweeted. He had one and two setbacks
and did not give up. He has achieved the dream. The footballer’s success has resonated in other
parts of the Middle East and Africa where his name has also been trending online.
Many twitter users saw the award as a source of pride not just for Egypt but for the entire Arab
world. Saudi social media user Tariq al-Nofai shared a video interview with Salah filmed when
he was playing for Swiss side basel.
Moh. Salah tweeted in an interview which brings hope to the weary and those whose dreams are
bigger than reality. Lebanese singer Yara shared a photo of Salah carrying the award saying
congratulations to Egypt and all Arabs. Salah said he was happy and proud to win the
award. It’s an honour and especially as its voted by the players.

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