Top Five IT Businesses Owned By Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs

Top Five IT Businesses Owned By Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs

Women and young girls all around the globe are creating their remarkable influence in the sustaining of their country’s economical growth as well as the work drive expected to elevate the financial position of a nation. We should be thankful to them for their earnestness and duty. Pakistani women have positively left the era and system of life of just getting married, siring kids and being nothing but home attendants. They have even exceeded the expectations in numerous fields like ecommerce, IT world, politics and much more

They have turned out to be both incredible moms and all around presumed, noteworthy women entrepreneurs. Today, we feature the accomplishments and commitment of Technology businesses owned by Pakistani Women.

Here are the top five information businesses founded and run by Pakistani women;

Pakistan Software Houses Associations – (PASHA)

PASHA is a leading IT company in Pakistan that was founded and run by one of the leading women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, Jehan Ara. The company has played big roles in developing and protecting Pakistan software. PASHA is not only working domestically but also internationally to enhance the ease of use and protection of software. Despite owning and running such a successful IT company, Jehan Ara is also a well recognized motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. She founded the Women’s Virtual Network, a foundation that educates women entrepreneurs in IT.

Toffee TV

Proudly owned by Rabia Garib, Toffee TV is an incredible kids’ channel that enables children to learn through music, fun exercises and music in Urdu. Rabia Garib also runs the Raala publications which focuses on Pakistani IT industry. Rabia was awarded the Trailblazer Award fir being an empowering and inspiring woman in the Pakistan IT growth. She strongly stands for the fact that women should not just invest in business in view that, ghey will end up as filthy tycoons, rather do what you love and can do to its best. Rabia Garib herself works round the clock and is playing her best to influence IT sector on this world and aid in any capacity she to can.


CIO is world’s most prominent and leading technology and leadership magazine. Salaina Haroon is the mastermind behind it all. CIO is not only printed and distributed in Pakistan but also worldwide. She is also the president of a marketing company, Communique Collective. The company focuses on strategizing small scale and large-scale enterprises both domestically and internationally. Communique Collective additionally centers around online networking and Public Relations in Pakistan. Salaina was too on the forefront of the EISHENHOWER.

Tech for Change

Another prominent IT Pakistani Company lead by Sheba Najmi. The company’s objective is to eliminate Pakistani’s entrepreneurial challenged in the IT world. Beautiful Sheba Najmi was once a News anchor at the Indus Television. Later on before developing her owned company, she hosted a show a Press Reviewer that centered on current affairs and Pakistani politics.

Najmi is a graduate of Stanford University. Amongst her most notable accomplishments are; designing Yahoo Mail, Honolulu Answers and the social media handbook. She was also among the few women entrepreneurs from Asia who participated at the “Code of America”

The Women’s Digital League

Maria Umar founded and runs the company. Her story behind it is one of kind. She was denied a maternity leave and opted to quit the job. She found a writing job at She started working at freelancing platforms where she got a few clients. She got content jobs at Odesk now, Upwork. Her efforts lead to the establishment of the The Women’s Digital League, a digital company that provides jobs for young girls and women. The company helps talented and quality writers get jobs from high paying clients.


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